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Chartered Club #970
Skymasters R/C Club Newsletter - June 1999
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President’s Message

Hi Gang,

Well, I finally get the chance to return to my favorite place and time to write my president’s message. I am, once again, at 35,000 feet somewhere above Iowa dodging a thunderstorm, on my way to the West Coast in a Boeing 757. I think I have written about 10 newsletter articles this way and it just seems like habit now.

When you receive this newsletter, we should be in full swing of summer flying with student night also humming along. I again want to thank all of you for participating in Bald Mountain involvement day and helping make it one of the bigger turnouts we have had in several years!

I am hoping that you newsletter editor will include results from our two early season float flies and our Chet Brady Mammoth fly in. I hope to at least make it out to watch, but this summer will be even worse for me in terms of sport commitments for my kids (i.e. I will be on some soccer field sideline watching my kids play instead of playing myself at our field)

I hope many of you will notice the strong and solid effort at field improvements that have been made this year, and we all have Gary Weaks, your VP, to thanks for his efforts. Gary has lead several task to improve our field and worked things very well. Your 1999 secretary, Ross Hardy, has especially helped Gary. Ross incidentally has the largest collection of tools and gadgets I have ever seen. Ross could compete with the TV show Home Improvement! The latest work Gary and Ross are spearheading is the shelter extension. Gary and Ross spent Sunday, May 9 digging holes and putting the posts in for the shelter when they could have been flying (assuming, of course, that Gary would remember to fill his tank with fuel this time)

Your BOD is considering several field improvements and a few rule changes. One, which we discussed a little to long at the meeting, was how to accommodate Helicopters at our field. We are still researching a safe and fair way to do this and I will report back to the masses once we find out what we can do. This was, and always is, a hot topic in our club. If memory serves me, we have more chopper pilots in this club now than at any other time I have been a Skymaster. We have also received several requests to accommodate electric ships in several ways and times. Your BOD is also researching what makes sense here, as this segment of our hobby is also growing at our field.

I look forward to this flying season with much anticipation. I have more flyable ships this year than ever before. The fact that I had several ships ready to go coupled to not having crashed to many last year has got my airworthy fleet up to about 10 ships, including my first electric (Joe Rubenstien actually built the electric ship though!) Of course I have a few bipes ready to go (my favorite type of ship!), but I also have a few slow/unusual flyers this time. Each season I try to fly at least one ship that expands my experience envelope, and this year should really be different for me. I would encourage each of you to attempt some new aspect of flying or building this season. We have almost every discipline represented in this club, and many examples of outstanding workmanship. For example, watch the small but growing pattern flyers in this club burn up several tanks of fuel just trying to get a good loop. I tried this a few times, where keeping the radius, heading and speed constant is still beyond my capabilities. It certainly keeps me from getting bored just drilling holes in the sky all the time.

Keep the fire ‘goin

Joe Finkelstine

Joe Finkelstine's Midwest Super Stinker flies! A low flyby on it's second maiden flight caught on film. The plane is now powered by a Moki 1.8, the results were much better! There was still an interesting landing (maybe a little on the tail heavy side), but Joe greased it in and its ready to fly again! Congrats Joe!

From the Editor…

Welcome to the June 1999 issue of Skywriter. It has been a busy month! 2 successful Float Flys, a Shelter expansion, and Mammoth event all done in May.

Included is a report for the Seven Lakes Float Fly and the Bald Mountain Float Fly. Due to holiday plans, I had to hold to the published deadline, and did not have time for reports/pictures from the ‘Barn Raising’ and Mammoth. I will say that the shelter addition is up, and we actually had good weather for our Mammoth event – a rare event in the last few years. Look for the reports and pictures next month!

Lots of events coming in June! Our Student nights start on June 2, and continue every Wednesday throughout the summer. Kid’s Day and the "Big H" Four Stroke event are also in June. See more info on all these events inside.

Please send me any input you may have for the newsletter. Please send mail to, or to my address on the back cover…

Meeting Minutes

April 28, 1999 Meeting at Larson Middle School

First and Second time visitors:

Mandy Barnes


AMA safety guide lines were read by Joe F.

Upcoming Events:

May 15th Saturday, seven lakes float fly.

May 16th Bald Mountain float fly.

May 23rd Chet Brady Memorial Mammoth fly in


73 skymasters showed up for Bald Mountain day, it was a great turn out. Thanks to everyone who came.( boy, can Vince cover a buoy).

Stony Creek is a possibility again for a float fly. Winners cove on Wednesday. Thursday if it rains. See Chet.

Bald Mountain float fly begins at 10am, Skymasters field will be closed.

94 db at 10 feet. Don’t fly a plane until it’s passed a db check.

Student night begins June 2nd.

Helicopters were discussed. Heli’s need a spotter, we are looking at a spot for Heli’s to hover.

Rules and Courtesy:

Courtesy is contagious, Remember 15 minutes of total Pin time. Try to remember there may be others waiting for the same pin. There are all kinds of Airplanes, try and work with each other.

Field & Shelter:

Shelter will be straight along the fence line to the west. Looking at late April or early May, to build it. Field was rolled, spiked, rolled, spiked, rolled, fertilized, spot planted, and fertilized. We still want to seed it, (if we still can). Cement under shelter? Maybe in the future.

Show and Tell:

Joe Finkelstine brought in a IFO built by Joe Rubenstein. "Weighs less than air". He also brought in a wonder with a 26 surpass Has not flown yet.

Ross Hardy brought in a Super Sportster 40, bought at Toledo pre-built. OS 46FX.

Mark Smith brought in a "Big yellow thing". Weighs 9 lbs, foam wing, OS 61 FX, (now a 91 FX,),1200 square inches of wing.

Chris Knee Blue plane, fox 46, does nice flat spins.

Paul Zabawa zero. OS 46 FX, slimline muffler, 12x6 prop, 122 DB, 186,000rpm. Modified to bring it down to 93 DB.

Gene Payson Birdie 10 Pattern plane 72db(50 times quieter than 122), OS 15 FP, loves to flat spin. 2.75 lbs. (Is that thing running) Yes it is.


Show and prize won by Mark Smith.

50/50 was $11.00 Doug Riley jr.

Motion to adjourn and Second

Events of the Last Month

Seven Lakes Float Fly

7-Lakes DNR Park

Fenton, Michigan

Order of the day!!

Beautiful site for a float fly – mission accomplished

Perfect day – wind just right – mission accomplished

Excellent frequency control – mission accomplished

Flyers awarded lunch snack – mission accomplished

28 happy participants – mission accomplished

No complete wipeouts – mission accomplished

3 and 4 airplanes in air most of the time – mission accomplished

Raffle prize for each of 28 flyers – mission accomplished

Those of you who have not as yet tried float flying – do so – it’s a ball!!

Skymasters R/C and Chet Brady the Contest Director thanks Ed, the concessioneer, for the coffee and donuts, the boat, the welcome sign and his generous hosting of needy participants.

Thanks to the flyers for an excellent turn out!

Chet Brady

(Thanks Chet for another wonderful Float Fly – mission accomplished! Ed.)

Bald Mountain Float Fly

It all started with a threatening weather outlook. Dark skies, rain and a little cold weather seemed to be in store. The initial arrivals sheltered their equipment from what looked to be an intensifying downpour. It was not to be. While clouds were overhead for most of the event, the float fly was actually conducted without significant rain. By Noon, there was actually a nice warm sunshine. The attendance at this annual float fly was 23 pilots; probably some did not come due to weather outlook.

Aircraft at the event included two cubs, Bill Leppard’s Catalina, the venerable twin Supermarine Stranier from the Overton team, the "Northstar" of Ross Hardy’s, Pete Foss’s electric "Wingo" an unidentified "Sikorski", and several others. Steve Fredericks had an accident with his "Maule Rocket" which was the only crash. Cause undetermined. Hope things work out on that one Steve!

Thanks to Riders Hobby Shops for $10 gift certificates handed out at the event by lottery.

Thanks to the several volunteers who helped out at concessions, which once again, did rather well this year. Thanks go to Wade Wiley with the amazing collapsible retrieval boat.

Many, many thanks also to Greg Cardillo, who, besides advising in this event, also covered for the event director, who got the food, but neglected to follow up on the trailer which contained the caution tape, beverages, signs, and the grill to cook the food with!!! (Slow start on the event) Sorry about that guys and gals!!!

Ross Jones

(Your welcome Ross, and Thank you for taking the time to run this event for us! Great job! Ed.)

Aaron Dechazal's Laker taxis back to shore; Ross Jones' Cub lands after another successful flight; and a shot of Darryl Watts' Air Dale on a low fly-by.

Skymasters Events

June 2, 1999 Student Night! – Scripps Road Field, The fun starts whenever you can make it! Student night begins June 2 and continues every Wednesday through the summer. We are out there rain or shine. Dinner is at 6pm. (We always eat, we sometimes fly!)

June 5, 1999 Skymasters Meeting – Scripps Road Field, 12:00 noon

Summer meetings are short, so be prompt and bring a plane!

June 6, 1999 Kid’s Day – Scripps Road Field, 10:00 AM.

See ad in this issue. We always need plenty of Instructors and trainers to fly. The club will provide the fuel. Each of the past two years we have logged over 100 ‘kids’ of all ages trying out our planes. See ad in this issue.

June 13, 1999 Harold "Big H" Maseles 4 Stroke and Majestic Flyers – Scripps Road Field, 10:00 AM.

Any aircraft powered by a 4 stroke engine or a majestic flyer (old timers, slow biplanes). See ad in this issue.

July 11, 1999 Team Fun Fly – Scripps Road Field, 10:00 AM.

Some fun competitive events for all skill levels, from students to expert. Don’t have a teammate – we’ll find one for you.

July 25, 1999 Warbirds and Scale – Scripps Road Field, 10:00 AM.

Any warbird or other scale airplane.

Upcoming Programs/Events

Skymasters events listed elsewhere in this issue!

Saturday/Sunday, June 5-6 Flying Tigers Great Lakes Pylon Race, Pat Falgout 419-841-8957

Sunday, June 6 RCCD Warbirds Over Lennox R/C Combat, Richard Vukmirovich 313-526-3168

Saturday/Sunday, June 12-13 AMA 3rd Annual Model Hobby Grand Event, Muncie Indiana

Saturday/Sunday, June 19-20 PMAC 5th Annual IMAA Giant Scale, Tom Wheeler 248-334-7693

Saturday/Sunday, June 26-27 RCCD IMAA Meet, Richard Vukmirovich 313-526-3168

Saturday/Sunday, June 26-27 Indian City Precision Aerobatics, Bob Kane 734-281-8514

Saturday/Sunday, June 26-27 DAM / Whirlybirds Air Show (part of Willow Run Show), Stan Spiewak 313-534-3300

Sunday, July 4 RCCD Warbird Rally, Richard Vukmirovich 313-526-3168

Saturday/Sunday, July 10-11 UFO 10th Annual Giant Fly, Tom MacDonald 248-851-8988

Saturday/Sunday, July 10-11 AA Falcons/EFO Mid-America Electric Fly, Ken Myers/Keith Shaw 348-669-8124

Sunday, July 11 Irish Hills R/C 16th Annual Outdoor Swap Meet, Gary Adams 517-592-6060

Saturday/Sunday, July 17-18 Chesaning R/C Heli Fun Fly, Paul Binkley 810-639-2711

Saturday/Sunday, July 17-18 GLASS Dual Soar In

Saturday/Sunday, July 24-25 Signal Seekers Q-500 Pylon (2 one day meets) Bob Wooley 734-721-3923

Saturday/Sunday, July 24-25 Ribcrackers Open Air Show, Greg Bessette 810-229-9732

*See additional information for these events in this issue of Skywriter!

Event info from mailings received, AMRCC, and Michigan RC Flying Times

Fuel Buy!

The fuel order is in! Al is in the process of filling jugs! Fuel will be available after the Memorial Day Weekend.

Bald Mountain Involvement Day

Some pictures from Involvement Day that I didn't have room for earlier... Thanks again to all 73 of you that showed up to help out!

One of our younger (and newer) Skymasters, Tony Devine, and his friend pitch in to help out building berms. Gary Weaks works on the boat launch at Prince Lake. SOme swim buoys are the lucky recipients of a Vince Pettke covering job applying those large decals without a single bubble!

Skymasters Information

Skymasters field is located within the Bald Mountain State Park (see map). State Park Permits are required and can be obtained from the Park Headquarters located on Greenshield Road or at club events. Flying is permitted from 10 AM to 8 PM. The noise limit for 1998 is 95dB at 10 feet - this noise rule is strictly enforced.

Wednesday evenings during the summer is Student Night and there are usually instructors around all afternoon. Student night is also ‘pot luck’ buffet night so that you can fly-n-feed (though not usually at the same time). Students are encouraged on other days and weekends. It is a great idea to come on Wednesday, meet the Instructors and arrange for more instruction time together. Our Chief Flight Instructor is Chris Knee. Assistant Chief Flight Instructor is Graham Overton.

From June to August, Club Meetings are held at the field on the first Saturday of the month at 12 Noon - a great chance to fly and gossip too! Winter meetings (September to May) are held at Larson Middle School (on Long Lake just east of John R - see map) on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM. Show and Tell, coffee and donuts, and model-speak are the order of the evening. Come along - they are fun.

The Skywriter newsletter is sent to all members, local hobby shops and other local R/C clubs. Any and all contributions are welcome, please pass any articles to the Editor. If you know of anyone who may be interested in our hobby (friend, relative, neighbor, colleague or acquaintance) - please give them a copy of this newsletter or a copy of an AMA magazine - it may spark their interest and get them into our hobby!

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