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WE DID IT MET THE CHALLENGE - February 10, 2018, 03:07:30 PM

  A great group of Skymasters met Thursday night and met the challenge. I'm proud and honored to be a Skymaster, again! Not only are we a hobby flying club but we are a group that does good community service! We made a difference in our deployed service members who will receive these packages in the remotest and harshest parts of our world, doing the job of keeping your and my family safe... and THEY APPRECIATE IT. If you doubt the small sacrifice we did Thursday night makes a difference then take a few moments of your valuable time and peruse the Troops Need Love Too website or better yet, their Facebook page and read the countless stories of the letters and videos of the deployed service members who have received the packages and their response. Better yet attend another packing event and hear from the men and women who have been active duty overseas and gotten a TNLT care package and when they're home they come to help package boxes. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!!! WE MADE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!

SO i PUT OUT MEAGER CHALLENGE OF 250/30... for us to pack 30 boxes and raise $250.00 to help in the shipping costs. Well, I am happy to report that we raised just under $600.00 in donations that our club treasurer handed to Jill Beyer of Troops Need Love Too Thursday Night and we packaged not 30 boxes, not 40 boxes, not 50 boxes, BUT 64 BOXES FILLED UP to the brim with items for our Troops....

I want to sincerely thank the Skymasters present who helped our club in this great work AND those who made contributions on our club website through PayPal and cash donations. Thanks to Jon Grigsby our Skymaster who keeps our club in contact with this great local group that we hope to support for many years to come.

Just because our packing event is over you can ALWAYS support the TNL2 group. They're having other packing events, check out their website and watch for the next opportunity for our club to support Troops Need Love Too!

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