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  Bald Mountain Involvement Day - Saturday, April 27, 2019 - - 9:00 AM
Sponsor: Skymasters
A day Skymasters gives back to Bald Mountain Recreation Area. "If you have never joined us for INVOLVEMENT DAY come out and give it a try! We guarantee you will be left with a great feeling of satisfaction. Due to the ever changing needs of the park, tasks for this work day may change. Watch your email for latest information. Air field will be closed for flying during work. We are starting at 9:00 AM at Cherry Ridge. Use the main park entrance off M-24 and go all the way to the back of the park. Once at Cherry Ridge, there will be two pavilions. Meet at the one with the stripped roof. As a reminder every member is required to have a State Park Recreation Passport on each vehicle that enters the park/flying field. These can be obtained very easily for $11 when you renew your license plate, or you can purchase a sticker if you don't have the notation on your plate renewal sticker. You can also pick up a passport at the main office on Greenshield Road.
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Contact: John Billinger

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