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Skymasters Electric Fun Fly:

Our 16th Annual Electric Fly...

Started in 2000, featuring electrics, as well as small glow and sailplanes, the event has now grown into an Electric Only event! With the advances in battery technology making things possible that just couldn't be done a few years back, today anything can be flown on electric power - and often at less weight and with more power and torque than its glow powered counterparts. Come see the wide range of aircraft - from micros to park flyers to full aerobatics - now flying on electric power.

Event Schedule

Electric Fun Fly not yet scheduled for 2024

Event Details

This event is a full day of flying. Open flying from 10am till 8pm. Pilot prizes for participants.

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2015-07 Electricfly

2015 Electric Fly
Its Electric! in all shapes and sizes...
2014 Electric Fly
Our annual Electric Fly and Night Fly.
2011 Electric Fly

2010 Electric Fly
Our annual Electric Event again brought our a wide range of aircraft!
2009 Electric Fly
Our Electric Fly continues to grow - a wide range of planes - from simple foamies to scale detailed aircraft. Mother nature cooperated (after thinking about it...) and we had a great day of flying!
2008 Electric Fly
"It's Electric" - our growing electric fly with the wide range of planes now flying on electric power! Clean, quiet, and powerful...
2007 Electric Fly
"It's Electric" - and the range of airplanes keeps growing with advances in technology. From micro to giant - see them fly!
2006 Small Fry, Electric, and Sailplane
Our Electric event continues to grow - as technology shows that anything can be flown on electric power... Enjoy the photos!
2005 Small Fry, Electric, and Sailplane
June 2005 - A cloudy day, but a lot of flying between sprinkles - and a fun day for all there. A wide range of airplanes - including a glider tow with an electric powered Senior Kadet towing an Olympic II glider.
2004 Small Fry and Electric
June 2004 - Our annual Electric Event - with a little Glow... A windy day limited flying.