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List of Items to Collect for Deployed Troops - Packing Event Coming Up March 23! - February 22, 2017, 10:00:26 AM

    from the Troops Need Love Too website
BEVERAGES - Coffee, creamer, tea, MIO, Lemonade, Kool-Aid, Gatorade dry mix. Any mix they add to
their water.
BREAKFAST FOODS -  Single serve boxes of cereal, oatmeal cups, cereal bars
Pop Tarts, instant breakfast drink mixes.
FOOD - Canned fruit, canned chicken & tuna, Ramen Noodles, Rice Cups, Mac and Cheese, mashed potato
cups, Ravioli or any microwave meal.
(No pork products) Remember a can of chicken and a rice cup/mashed potato cup can provide a meal
for our service members.
SNACKS - Trail Mix, Jerky, nuts, sunflower seeds, chips, crackers, pretzels, Rice Krispy Treats,
brownies/cookies, gum and candy. No Chocolate from April to September, due to high heat.
HYGIENE ITEMS - Baby Wipes, Chap Stick, eye drops, stick deodorant, razors,
toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, powder, Band Aids, kleenex packs, body lotion, shampoo,
conditioner, soap, washcloths, nail clippers, Antibiotic cream, Cortaid cream and Q tips. For our
female service members, brown/black hair ties, tampons and hair brushes. We
cannot send nail polish or perfume or aerosol sprays.
WINTER ITEMS - Hand/foot warmers, hats, gloves.
OTHER NEEDED ITEMS:  Eye Glass wipes, batteries, dark color duct tape, travel size pillows & pillow
cases, socks, neck coolers and freeze pops (during hot months). Magazines,crossword puzzles, Sudoko
books, paper, envelopes, blank holiday or everyday cards for them to send home to their
family, pens, drawing pads and pencils. Fun little toys & Nerf guns are always welcomed.  Hot Hands
& Feet.

All of the above listed items are suggestions we invite you to be creative!!

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Helping Troops Need Love Packing Boxes for Soldiers Overseas - December 06, 2016, 08:45:42 AM

  This past Saturday, December 3, I met John Hoover at Flightline Hobby, picked up several boxes of items our fellow club members had donated and headed over to the Waterford Community Center. When I found, the Troops Need Love Too group in the back room of the center I was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of people and number of items that were being sorted and piled on top and below the rows of folding tables in that small space. Everyone was busy sorting moving, organizing and taping the post office box bottoms and stacking them outside the back doors preparing for the packing. Fellow Skymasters, Jon Grigsby showed up shortly thereafter. Jon has agreed to be our liaison between TNLT and us.
After about a half hour, Jill held a short orientation where she shared with everyone what we were doing. She told us that the boxes we pack today would go to Afghanistan. She shared some stories of the troops that had received packages over the past months and how much they meant to our men and women who serve us so profoundly and unnoticed by most of us. It was an effort by me to hold back some of the tears and strong emotions of gratitude I felt listening to them. Several of the women said that their sons and daughters were currently deployed and one Grandma said that her grandson had become a Marine today. There were also a few veterans there too.
With our mission in hand everyone, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, young and old, and every other state of family began packing the boxes with food in some, and all kinds of everyday things we take for granted that mean the world to our troops deployed around the world who sometimes only receive one meal a day. There were small flags folded by local autistic children. Gifts wrapped the previous day by a group of girl scouts and residents at Lourdes nursing home. Several handmade, all with love, cards and items were mixed into each box along with a letter from the Troops Group. See the list of items on their website.
Each box was sealed shut and a label was affixed by a special team, (due to the confidentiality of the names and locations) with a soldier’s name! In a little over three hours we packed over 300 boxes that are intended to make it to their destination before Christmas. Jon and I had our hand on every one of those boxes because we worked at the end of the line putting the letters in before the cards and sealing of the boxes.
Skymasters had adopted this wonderful group, Troops Need Love Too, to support and help as a club. Last January, Jill and Kim came and introduced themselves to our club at a meeting and we hope to do more for them throughout the year. Some IMPORTANT facts you need to know is that 100% of all donations to the group go to the troops. Money donations pay for the shipping of the boxes, the local ladies that run things don’t even take money for gas. I hope you will take some time to look over their website and see what a great group we can support.
We are planning a packing event this winter at one of our club meetings at the end of January probably. Anyway, I had a profound experience giving my time Saturday and I hope you too will join in the future when we have a packaging event or collection for items to ship. There are also great ways you can help every day like with your Kroger Points and a few other ways on their website.
Here are some facts from their website… I hope you’ll go to it and read more!

Who We Are
Troops Need Love Too is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is 100% volunteer driven. We lift the spirits and meet the needs of our U.S. Armed Forces deployed to remote bases overseas. Through your generous donations, we thrive and are able to support our Armed Forces whiles they are deployed.
Troops Need Love Too raises awareness and engages to publics aid for our U.S. Armed Forces deployed to remote bases overseas. By coming together, we can pack and send care packages with food, hygiene items and letters from home boosting moral. By keeping moral high we are letting our Armed Forces know they are never forgotten.
Having a son who is actively serving our Country has brought awareness to the items our troops lack while on deployments overseas. Through his and other’s stories, I learned a sad but true reality of what our troops are faced to deal with daily while on these remote bases. No Service Member, that has signed a blank check for up to and including his/her life should have to go without food, hygiene items and letters from home supporting them. This is where we at home can make a difference to them.

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It WAS a beautiful day at the field TODAY! - October 19, 2016, 02:29:56 PM

  Well my (in)famous quote, “it’s another beautiful day at Skymasters… really took on reality today… what a beautiful day at the field.
Stopped by the field, a.k.a. my backyard, to get some fresh air still in recovery after some post-operative complications (yes, I’ll be fine) and wow there were a lot of guys out flying today.
Beautiful fall day, some beautiful aircraft today and what a great variety. Sheldon has a new huge 65cc warbird something that he was tuning in, and then many, many other beautiful planes out today. Steve was there with his new beautiful Extreme Flight Extra in a cool yellow, black and white scheme. Rich had his DR in blue and red and Craig his white with red trim Waco, John had a 1.20 size Big Stick with an opposed 2-cylinder gas… just to name a few.
It would be awesome if we had a months-worth of days like today, but, I’ll take it today, just to be at the field and soak it all in, today was worth my membership fee, and… I didn’t even fly.
I hope you’ve been able to make it out to the field and just relax and enjoy that place as I do. Then the nice gentlemen, guys, that are in our club are always good for a laugh or two and the airplane talk too is just as enjoyable as anything. We are blessed with a great club… members and flying field… I hope you feel that way too!
See you at the field, Indoor Flying begins Tuesday (Oct. 25), REGISTER NOW and then next Thursday, week from tomorrow (oct. 27) is our first Indoor Club Meeting at the Orion Center, 6:45 p.m.

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