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AMA Membership

Skymasters is a chartered club of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) - the national organization promoting out sport/hobby. All members of Skymasters must be current AMA members.
Youth membership is available at NO CHARGE for those under 19 by July 1 of current year!
Discounted memberships for those 65 and over or for additional adults at same address.

AMA offers both 'Full' and 'Park Flyer' Memberships. Either is acceptable for Skymasters Memebrship.
'Park Flyer' members are restricted to models under 2 pounds in weight and cannot be powered by an internal combustion engine.

Effective September 2015, AMA changed their membership year to be 12 months from when you join/renew - rather than calendar year.

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Skymasters Membership

Skymasters offers family based memberships covering any AMA member in the household.
Junior (Youth) memberships are available at NO CHARGE if there is no adult member in the household.
(Under 18 requires parent/guardian approval.)

If you are a current or recent years Skymasters member, or participated in our Winter Indoor Flying or Midwest Regional Float Fly, please use this link to Renew Membership. You must be logged in to our website to process a renewal.

If you are new to Skymasters, please use this link to Join Skymasters. You will need to provide a valid AMA number to proceed.

If you are new to Skymasters, and have only a temporary AMA - we still welcome your membership, but cannot currently process it online. We will need a copy of your AMA receipt for payment - as we cannot verify AMA membership without a permanent AMA number.

Please Contact Us if you need assistance! Thank you!