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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

About Radio Control

What is the youngest age to start flying?

What is the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)?

Is it difficult to learn how to fly?

I have heard that R/C planes are expensive. What does it cost to be in this hobby?

How fast and how high can they go?

How far away can a radio controlled plane be flown from its pilot?

How are R/C planes different from the drones and UAV's that are in the news lately?

Do they ever crash?

Do I need a license to fly a radio controlled plane or helicopter?

About Skymasters

What are the benefits to Club membership?

Are visitors welcome at the field or at meetings?

Do I have to know how to fly in order to join the Skymasters?

Do I have to have an R/C plane in order to join?

Where is the flying field located?

I have a small park flyer that I have flown successfully. Does that qualify me to fly any plane at the club?

What does membership cost?

Can family members participate with my membership?

Is there any discount for 'junior' members?