Skymasters Information


What We Do...



It probably starts looking for a hobby, a fascination with airplanes, or wondering what radio controlled airplanes are all about. It was several people with those interests that started the Skymasters Club several decades ago. Now you can see what the club has become.


What do we fly?

Many members have an interest in a particular aspect of the hobby. For example, there are Old-Timers, Warbirds, Scale, Multi-engine, Helicopters, Float Flying, 3-D, etc. Some like building, and flying is secondary. Whatever your interests, you'll find somebody with similar interests.



Many of our members enjoy the challenges of flying a helicopter.


Indoor Flying

During the winter months we fly indoors at the Ultimate Soccer Arena in Pontiac, MI.


Float Flying

A very popular activity for many of our members. We have Float Fly events throughout the summer season.


Winter Flying

For the heartier souls, we do fly at the Scripps Road Field anytime during the winter. Skis look great on any airplane.


Flight Instruction

Usually the first place to start is learning how to fly. We have several qualified Instructors. Our top priority is safety, so we begin with a ground school emphasizing safety, flying field protocol, and the other topics you need to get started. We have dedicated time at the flying field for student flying. And if we can't do it outside, we'll do it in the soccer arena.



Whether building from scratch or a kit, it is a great feeling to see your plane fly. But, of course, there are the ARF's* for those who don't have the time or inclination to build their plane.

*Almost Ready to Fly


Club Meetings

We hold regular meetings throughout the winter season. Business matters are handled by the Executive Operating Committee, so the regular meetings are about having fun. There is usually a featured topic with guest speakers, a show-'n-tell, and general R/C related "discussions".



No regular meeting would be complete without Show-'n-Tell. We see everything from the just-completed plane, "in-the-bones*" planes, to somebody's new transmitter. And of course the items are described in all the necessary detail.

* in-the-bones means the plane before the covering is applied.


Special Meetings

Occassionally Skymasters sponsors Special Meetings where a topic of R/C interest is presented. Several members from other clubs attend, and often leave after winning a prize.


Special Meetings

Typical of one of these meetings, here a representative from Horizon Hobby demonstrates one of their latest products. And somebody left this meeting after winning a brand new airplane.


The Events We Sponsor

Each year Skymasters sponsors several flying events, tailored to the varying interests of our hobby.


Midwest Regional Float Fly

Each September Skymasters sponsors the greatest Float Fly event east of the Mississippi. at Island Lake State Park. Pilots come from several states to participate in this two day event. Over the years this event has been written up in the best R/C magazines.


Bald Mountain Involvement Day

Each year we work one day at Bald Mountain State Recreation Area helping get things in shape for the coming summer season. We also help at the park removing invasive plants under the direction of the DNR.


Trees for Troops

One of our club members owns the Candy Cane Christmas Tree Farm in Oxford, MI. Here Skymasters members are loading Christmas trees donated by the farm headed for military families.


Operation Good Cheer

Skymasters members participate in Operation Good Cheer each December. This program, in place since 1971, distributes toys to abused and neglected children throughout Michigan. Toys and bikes are flown by private aircraft to distribution airports around the state. Local organizations then get the presents to the foster care, residential treatment facilities and group homes where the children live. Copilot Gary Weaks and his wife Phyllis, both employees of DuPont Automotive Paint, made it a family affair. DuPont employees sponsored 50 children, obtaining and wrapping gifts from the children’s “wish list”. At the Pontiac Airport Phyllis helped load some of the larger aircraft to take gifts to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. With the backseat removed from the Cessna 182 Gary loaded bikes and presents for the flights he made. Gary and his fellow Skymaster pilot flew 3 flights, over 4.5 flight hours -500 air miles, delivering “Good Cheer” to the children of Michigan.