Author Topic: Why Be a Skymaster and What You Get as a Member!  (Read 83 times)

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Why Be a Skymaster and What You Get as a Member!
« on: January 22, 2019, 11:09:10 PM »
Why should you be a Skymaster Member?
1.   We host 9 different no-pressure events per year, covering many genres of model aviation
2.   Beautiful grass field with shady pavilion, solar charging station, water collection system, plus-- the new “South” field—A 150’ x 200’ area designed for control line, helicopter and multi-rotor flying.
3.   Our world-class indoor flying at Ultimate Soccer Arena from October through April.
4.   Access to instructors that will teach you to fly! 
5.   Our world-famous Wednesday afternoon / evening pot luck and barbeque!
6.   A comprehensive website that keeps you well-connected to club activities
7.    A professionally-produced monthly newsletter with interesting articles written by members and a ton of event photos posted each month.
8.   Access to an amazing group of people that share their love of model aviation.  Some happen to be engineers, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, clergy, craftsmen, retirees, dreamers, hacks, and regular people that freely share their knowledge and talents.
What do you get as a Skymaster Member?
1.   Our club includes a vast range of skill levels and interests– from the beginner starting out with an electric “ARF”, to the veterans flying giant aerobats, to the amazing 3D heli’s and multi-rotor craft that can take professional- grade video.
2.    Our club has great social gatherings outside of flying- whether it’s breakfast on Monday morning at the Red Olive, lunch after indoor flying on Tuesday, the Old “D” on Wednesday nights, or Saturday mornings at Iris café.
3.    We even fly sometimes, and that is fun too.
Thanks to Jim Satawa for this synopsis from our club financial review 2018